The Gilded Chalet

Paperback edition out February 2017

“A lively tour through Swiss and literary history, touching on the famous, infamous and overlooked alike, The Gilded Chalet is thoroughly absorbing.”
Mary C. Flannery in the Times Literary Supplement


Interview on The English Show, Radio X, 1 December, 2015. Listen here.

Talking to Steven Rainey on the Arts Show, BBC Radio Ulster, 3 December 2015.

Talking to Paul O’ Doherty on Dublin City FM, 8 December, 2015.


Eight books inspired by chilly Switzerland Padraig Rooney, author of The Gilded Chalet, lists eight Swiss-inspired books that would make perfect reading on cold, winter nights. 18 December 2015

Interview with Padraig Rooney on the Monocle Weekly 20 December 2015.

Talking to Nomia Iqbal on BBC Radio 5 Up All Night on 8 December 2015.

Interview on BBC World Radio Weekend Live on Saturday 28 November 2015, with a global audience of 256 million.

Four-star review of The Gilded Chalet in The Irish Mail on Sunday by Valerie Shanley.

The Gilded Chalet in good company at Bider & Tanner bookshop, Basel.

“Switzerland’s five hundred years of democracy and brotherly love produced a lot more than the cuckoo clock. The Gilded Chalet has the touch of Clive James in its humour.”
Irish Mail on Sunday
Irish author maps out literary Switzerland

Irish author maps out literary Switzerland on Photo © Susan Misicka

Swissinfo YouTube clip on The Gilded Chalet

Swissinfo YouTube clip on The Gilded Chalet

Paging Through Switzerland: audio podcast on Photo

Paging Through Switzerland: audio podcast on Photo © Susan Misicka

“His literary criticism is astute and properly provocative but his observations on how and why writers embed Switzerland into their work are often brilliant.”
Hugh MacDonald in The Herald 



Talking about the Geneva Book Fair on World Radio Geneva with Katt Cullen, 28 April 2016